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Mulch Bed Topdressing

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Why top dress your mulch beds?


Every spring, thousands of yards of mulch are spread across Central Illinois. While it may seem like an expensive and labor-intensive task, there are some good reasons to commit to mulching your landscape beds every year:


1.  Fresh mulch improves the aesthetic value of your landscaping. Mulch loses color and texture as it ages and new mulch provides a vivid backdrop to help the newly emerging foliage and spring flowers to stand out.


2.  Mulch helps to reduce weed growth. The new mulch helps to prevent light from reaching weed seeds in the soil and (in conjunction with pre-emergent) can keep a large majority of weeds from sprouting in your landscape beds (which can save you a lot of time throughout the rest of the year).


3.  Mulch helps prevent soil erosion. Wind and water are experts at redistributing soil in your landscape beds, usually to places you don’t want it. A layer of mulch helps protect your soil from these erosive forces and keep your soil in its proper place.


4.  Mulch helps improve your soil. As mulch breaks down, it releases nutrients into the soil for your plants to use. The decaying mulch also forms a ‘loamy’ layer which helps develop more soil for your landscaping beds.


5.  Mulch helps retain moisture and keep soil cooler during the summer months. The insulating layer of mulch helps keep the moisture in the soil from evaporating, leaving more available for your plants in the hot summer months.


6.  Mulch helps retain heat in the winter months. The mulch insulates the ground, holding in the warmth and preventing the ground from frost heaving (and possibly damaging your plants roots). It will also keep the winter winds from desiccating your soil and leaving your plants over water over the winter months.

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